Four habits that mentally powerful people possess

Four habits that mentally powerful people possess

14 September 2016 by Amit Dattani

I always learn something from someone I come across in life whether that is a stranger, associate or a close connection and I look at the positives and negatives of both before I decide what I need to add to my armour. I do believe in the saying, “eat the meat and throw the bones away” and on my journey of being an entrepreneur I have learned that I need to be mentally strong and resilient in many ways to achieve constant success.

Below are four habits that I have grown and nurtured over the years which have helped me become mentally powerful. They will assist you on your journey to success:

Never give up — It doesn’t matter how tough life gets, mentally powerful people never think of packing it all in. That doesn’t mean the hardest way is the right way because the mentally powerful think smart. Think smart, and you’ll never imagine about giving up.

Failure = Experience — Failure means the end, for the multitudes but the mentally powerful people use failure as experience. What experience does it teaches you what works and what doesn’t work so in the future there are more chances for success. Failure sets you up for victory so never despise it.

Solution focussed — Some of the greatest leaders and entrepreneurs have made the best out of difficult situations. You read about how some of the elite have made money from extreme recessions then you have the social media boom like Facebook which has continually grown through a challenging environment. Problems weigh us down when we focus on them but concentrating on solutions will keep you healthy, confident and prosperous.

Honest — Mentally powerful people are honest. They are aware of their feelings, circumstances and the impact of their presence which always enables them to push through difficult times. Lying is a disease and even the white lies start to consume the mind and before you know it you start to lead a life of denial. This is the root of all miserable souls.

Making these adjustments to your lives are not easy, but they are not impossible. Work on them, day by day and allow circumstances to help grow the way you think.

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