13 June 2016 by Amit Dattani

Most people are busy; either busy doing something or busy doing nothing but either way busy isn’t always a positive way of life. Below I give you three points on how a busy life not managed properly can lead to an unproductive life. No one wants to be unproductive right?

Organisation — Poor Scheduling will always result in poor organisation which ultimately leads to an unproductive life. You get too busy because you are trying to catch up with last months deadlines and before you know it five years have passed you by and you still think that you are progressing. My word to you is SCHEDULE SCHEDULE SCHEDULE. Obviously, I cant force you stick to a schedule, that’s on you!

Frustration — The way you think will determine how productive you could potentially be, yet the clutter of life will bring frustration into your lifestyle. What frustration will do is break your schedule and cause you to stagnate and waste time in battles that probably do not need your attention. How can you avoid frustration? You can’t, but it is how you deal with it. Be positive, think ahead, have a vision with clearly marked goals ahead.

Tiredness — Everyone gets tired, and everyone needs a time out from their schedule. The day to day grind of life needs change because what change does is, it brings a fresh outlook on your lifestyle. Never become set in the way you do things, be flexible and take regular breaks. Tiredness will slow you down and burn you out.

Poor organisation, frustration, and tiredness will make you extremely busy and extremely unproductive. Think long and hard about how you are living your life and executing your day to day routine. Busy is good, but it also is a killer.

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