I only work when I feel good

I only work when I feel good

13 May 2016 by Amit Dattani

We’ve all been guilty of working or making an effort to be productive when we only feel good. The moment the atmosphere around us changes for the worst we feel like packing it in, well we refuse to be productive, and this will be the difference between success and failure. Below I look at how productive we are when we rely on feeling good.

Time — How often do we feel good? Success isn’t measured by an accumulation of physical possessions rather it is about achieving things that are relevant in our lives. For example, having a family, an exciting career path and healthy relationships. Since we are busy waiting for good times to appear, we find ourselves waiting to work as well. Good times may be limited, but you can make the tough times as bad as you want as well. Success can be defined by how productive you are during times of trials, sadness and feeling weak. Once we can get to grips with emotional traumas, we can then operate successfully on a regular basis.

Perception — Our situations can be pathetic at times and sometimes we can’t see a way out of our troubles which result in our emotions being clogged up by negativity and self-pity. If this happens which it most inevitably will for many, productivity levels, reach an all-time low. You might do many tasks but with what quality and creativity? We need to look at our circumstances differently and with a view to finding a genuine solution. Feel good factors often lie to us about our lives.

People — We are products of our environments, and if we find negative circumstances or people influencing our lives then we need to become bold and stop that from penetrating our minds. People will try to knock us down, say cruel things and they are all rooted in jealousy. Jealous people will make sure your good times are bad and the bad times are depressing which then gets a negative mindset birthed deep within us. Rely on people and what they say and expect nothing to get done in our lives.

We need to be people that can push through any circumstance thrown at us by life because good times can be few and far if we aren’t careful. Be successful by being productive.

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