It’s cool to give up sometimes

It’s cool to give up sometimes

14 April 2016 by Amit Dattani

I have been around the social media scene since 2008, and my timelines are regularly flooded with motivational memes which are designed to help you improve your lifestyle. Personally, I think they help people get through the day, well just about; but one of the most common themes that I have found, centre around not giving up. While that should be our daily mantra, it is also totally cool to give up time to time. You should never be ashamed of giving up and those who never give up, never understand the power it can have. Below I look at three powerful reasons why it is cool to give up in certain circumstances.

Experience — Working on your projects doesn’t automatically mean success regarding cash flow. Success can also be, experience, and if your plans aren’t creating wealth, you can hold your head high because you know what doesn’t work now. Short term failure can help you get into long-term success, and I for one have benefited from this. It is a powerful thing to confess when things aren’t working out; preserve your energy for bigger things.

Minimise loss — Cash, business partners, leaders and employees are those that will lose when you are going through failure. I am a firm believer that your life is not your own therefore you will need to consider how much you are willing to lose to be a success. My advice would be to work out your cutting off point which will then enable you to save your relationships for future plans. Your entire network is more valuable than any cash you want to make.

Health — Stress brings depression which is a chronic problem in the world today, and I would prefer my health over any form of cash profit. One project won’t make or break you, but longevity is the key to success. You are meant to be running a marathon which means you need to pace yourself. Be organised and disciplined in your lifestyle and find activities that help you balance your working lifestyle. Good health equals a healthy mind and body which will then carry you to your next destination.

It’s cool to give up sometimes because more than likely you’ll end up stronger than ever before. There is always someone in a worse off position than you, and if you can live with that mindset, then you will know what sacrifices to make in your life.

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