4 reasons to cut toxic people out of your life

4 reasons to cut toxic people out of your life

13 March 2016 by Amit Dattani

Toxic people can be extremely dangerous to leadership and team atmospheres and whilst in an ideal world you would hope people change, a lot of the time they don’t. It may seem cruel to let people go, but sometimes that is the best way you will save your team and project from collapsing. Below I look at four reasons as to why cutting toxic people out of your life is a good thing.

Jealousy — This is cancer for any leadership circle/team and organisation. People are far more interested in having what their peers or friends have rather than working and appreciating what they could potentially have. This is due to a lack of self-worth, but it spreads amongst those who are close to the problem and causes division, delusion and death. Find ways to deal with jealous people and that may include rooting them out of your circle.

Confidence — Toxic people will wreck the confidence of peers and their leaders. Leadership is meant to be about boldness and any attack on that will severely stagnate your projects. This will then affect your decision-making process, and before you know it, the decisions made are bad ones which possibly have terrible consequences. Never compromise confidence for toxic people!

Attitude — Morale is underplayed in corporate circles but leadership requires momentum, and that breeds high performance. Having toxic people deep within leadership teams and projects will make turning up for your working day incredibly mundane, stressful and tiring. Tired minds are prone to making silly errors which can lead to big consequences but who wants to turn up to work with a bad atmosphere hanging around like a bad smell? Do whatever it takes to raise morale and keep healthy attitudes in your team.

Peace — Peace helps you sleep at night and wake up in the morning, and both assist in determining how successful you are going to be over an extended period of time. Toxic people ruin peace, and a lack of peace means an increase of stress. Your mental and physical health will suffer due to heightened tensions meaning you will lose control of your surroundings. Never compromise peace for the sake of toxic people because it will kill your workflow and progress will come to a sudden halt.

Give people a chance but equally, give yourself the best chance of success.

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