4 Things That Will Keep You Positive Everyday

4 Things That Will Keep You Positive Everyday

13 February 2016 by Amit Dattani

Today is Positive Thinking day and while it’s good to dedicate specific days to events positive thinking is an attitude we all need to practise on a regular basis. I have seen many people mimic positive thinkers as unrealistic people, but positive thinking isn’t living with fairies at all. We live in a world today which contains high expectations, unrealistic pressures, disease and financial trauma and despite living in these times, there is a way to remain positive and lead a successful life. Below I introduce four things you can do on a regular basis that will help you stay positive in trying times.

Food — Your diet will impact your physical and mental fitness in a great way. Whatever you put in your mouth essentially impacts your physical look but through various research, it has been found that food does impact the state of your mind. I experimented with food for many years as I used to weigh approximately 105Kgs and through cutting out bad food such as refined sugars and bread I was able to get to a healthier place of 82Kgs. Through this process, I managed to look in better physical shape, but I noticed that I became much more productive on a daily basis, and people who are productive tend to be successful; and successful people tend to be positive. Over the last few years, I have found that processed foods slow my mind down, and healthier foods rich in the right vitamins and minerals quicken me and make me feel much better.

Exercise — Not everyone can afford to pay for a gym membership, and not everyone is healthy enough to work out, but everyone can take some time out to get some fresh air. Whether you can walk or not getting some fresh air will most definitely help clear your mind. Spend 30–40 minutes every day making sure you are in the open, taking some time out from thinking about your daily life. For those who can afford to work out, spending time on your body is vital for success. I spend the first portion of my day working out as I have found that it keeps me motivated for the troubles that are ahead of my day. Doing this on a regular basis will make you incredibly strong emotionally because ultimately you are pushing yourself beyond limits in the gym every time you work out.

Thinking Patterns — Negative thoughts and situations are part of everyday life, and it is up to us to control them and counter-attack them with positivity. We all go through bad seasons in our lives but it is in those seasons we need to remember the past successes and potential future ones. These violent thought patterns are the ones that attack your identity, confidence and physical body. This is the time where you need to surround yourself with people that you can trust and who are willing to be blunt, honest and gentle with you. Allow yourself to be influenced by other people’s goodness rather than shutting yourself off from them. A problem shared is a problem halved within the right circle.

Understanding — Perception is the key to thinking positively on a regular basis. Most of the time negativity is based on the way you believe you and your circumstances are and in some cases we are honest with ourselves but at most, there can be the element of dramatisation. Get a proper understanding of yourself and your situation but spending time on a regular basis reflecting on how your life is going. Take regular breaks in your schedule and be bold enough to pause negative situations in your life.Sometimes taking the backseat gives you a better view.

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