4 challenges that successful people overcome

4 challenges that successful people overcome

13 January 2016 by Amit Dattani

What other people think — Caring what other people think is the norm in society especially in a time where the competition for success is extremely high. It is completely natural to want to know what other people think about you, your ventures, your successes and failures but they are also unhealthy, as people can live by external opinions. Overcoming what other people think of you whether positive or negative is important, otherwise it will start to affect the way you make decisions. Successful people deal with this head on by becoming mentally and emotionally stronger. While some opinions count, they shouldn’t influence overall behaviour.

Market conditions — I read somewhere that someone said “I want the environment to be a product of me rather than be a product of the environment I am in”. I found that extremely profound and successful people eventually determine the way of the world even though the world does seem like a greater force. You have the choice to be who you want to and while circumstances can force us into certain decisions, it doesn’t mean we will be eternally ruled by them. Get creative in your thinking and kick the negativity to the curb.

Age — How old are you? Why do you even consider such a thing when it comes to your lifestyle. Certainly there has to be more to life when considering if you are old or young enough to compete? Age has little to do with success or failure rather attitude is the key ingredient. Overcome the age factor by doing things which make you feel good, vibrant and passionate.

Toxic people — People will want to consume every part of you. There is an attraction with success and rather than people wanting your money or success, they will want your mind and heart. Be careful who you surround yourself with; you cannot avoid toxic people, but you can avoid how they impact your life. Be shrewd, be honest and guard your pearls.

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