4 things to help you start a business

4 things to help you start a business

13 December 2015 by Amit Dattani

The FOUR principles which I mention below have been instrumental in me making the right decision going forward as an entrepreneur. Soak in them, deepen them uniquely for yourself and your career.

Business plan — Your business plan will be a map of how you want to go from A to B, and while the journey may not be accurate there are important bits of information that need to be organised and planned for. Metrics, Financials, Vision and Goals are all important and need to be noted down and constantly looked at. Write everything down, organise it and keep it a working document.

You know how to sell— Growth is the end goal of any business. More exposure equals more chances of a conversion to someone purchasing your product. You may not be a natural, but with information widely available on the WWW there is no excuse when it comes to increasing your knowledge. Work out what is unique for your product and have a laser focus when it comes to looking at ways of growing it.

Understanding financial risks — Know what your limitations are. Invest with risk but with a risk that you can manage. Never put all your eggs in one basket, be wise how you spread that risk you want to invest. Research is important in this phase, especially with understanding market trends, although you cannot predict what will happen you can take some protective measures. Know your limits.

You are not sure if you are ready — Confused? Not sure? Feel nervous? Great then just go for it! No one really knows if they are ready or not because it is always a learning experience. My advise is with the right planning, jump out of the boat and believe you will be a success.

I hope these help you in your decision making as they certainly have helped me on my journey of growth!

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