FIVE negative things that you need to avoid (Lifestyle, Leadership, Business)

FIVE negative things that you need to avoid (Lifestyle, Leadership, Business)

12 November 2015 by Amit Dattani

It is very easy to be negative and it almost seems like the easy option with the world we live in today. There doesnt seem to be much good news out there but I suppose we choose what we want to hear and read. Nevertheless success is available to us all, espeically in business. Below are FIVE negative traits we should all avoid!

Comparisons — Comparing yourself to another in your market is a grave mistake as it takes you away from your unique potential and it also leaves you thinking you aren’t up to the mark. Comparing may start off healthy but it always ends up with internal battles.

Thought patterns — The way you think about yourself will reflect in your lifestyle. Negative thinking leads to constant aggressive and passive decision making and that is dangerous, as you will break more people than you will make.

Idolatry — It’s always good to have someone to look up to but when they become your idol it becomes more about them than you. Everything you live and breathe for becomes about another person and this severely limits who you are meant to be. Never lose the uniqueness that you bring, and no one is perfect anyway. Look beyond other’s perfections.

Bad Communication — The way you communicate will determine the success of your leadership, whether it is speaking, writing or even facial expressions. Anything less than positive will create gaps in partnership or with peers, which will eventually widen till the cracks cannot be papered over anymore.

Impatience — Decision making is vital, especially in high end critical scenarios and the best way to make a decision is in a place of peace. When being rushed in everything, you are bound to make a mistake and it is impossible to be diligent. Intentions might be good but the outcomes never reflect that.

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