3 Beginner tips that will make you an expert in business and leadership

3 Beginner tips that will make you an expert in business and leadership

12 October 2015 by Amit Dattani

Experts in business and leadership all started as beginners, yet they can come across extremely intimidating for those who are early learners. It is vital to understand that the knowledge, value and understanding they accumulated is available for everyone. Below are three areas that maximise growth and learning for any beginner in business and leadership. Whether it is business growth, business strategies or social media strategic plans the three areas I discuss will propel you significantly.

Patience — Is the key ingredient for every success. Be eager to grow but never become impatient with it because that will have the reverse effect and you will stunt your growth. Think of it like driving a car; if you stick to a reasonable speed you are more likely to make correct decisions on the road and less likely to miss a turn. The faster you go whilst driving, the less time you have to think about decisions you need to make. Walk on your journey, be patient and live out every moment carefully.

Learning — Takes a lot of courage because from knowing nothing you are trying to create, achieve and live out targets and goals and that is extremely daunting. There are a vast amount of resources available for learning and plenty of it is free on the internet. Use everything you can to learn about your business and areas of leadership and while the theory may not be perfect it gives a solid foundation for greatness. Learning will give you a solid foundation but will also keep you on your feet. Knowledge is power but it is also a reminder of how one can never stop becoming better.

Dignity — The way you behave and approach situations is key for your success. Dignity is the way your attitude will shine through the early stages of your growth. If you are fearful, you need to be courageous; if you are arrogant then you need to become humble, yet confident. Self assurance and self worth are areas where true dignity will be allowed to shine through your leadership and businesses.

I purposely left out experience as this is the greatest value of them all. Experience turns you into someone with advanced abilities from a novice start. But that is a given, something you can’t work on, just live through.

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