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Everyone wants growth

But in order to stay relevant you need

An online presence

A growth strategy

A social media network


How Can I Help Enterprises is a legally registered UK based consultancy firm which specialises in Start-Ups with a focus on business growth through strategic business planning and social media strategy. Through over ten years of experience over social media, we have learned how important it is to the business community today. How Can I Help Enterprises Limited has conducted enough research to understand your business needs and wants to help your social media engagement increase; Give you knowledge through social media growth strategies enabling you to maximise your business growth opportunities.

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Start-up Growth consultancy

Speak to us about providing key successful business strategies that will help bring growth to your projects. You will find new ways to find business growth opportunities.

Social Media Growth

Get a unique social media strategy for your business needs which will boost your social media engagement. We specialise in helping you develop your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat accounts.


If you would like to pursue a career in entrepreneurship, leadership or in need of general career advice, please contact us. You will be given some one to one advice and a special growth plan that will help you develop your unique capabilities.

Content Providers

We would be happy to contribute guest blogs to your website.
We can provide high quality articles for your entrepreneur and leadership needs.
We can provide leadership and lifestyle courses.


Send your pitch deck or proposal to us and we will consider investing in your projects.